A Global Christian Music Event

Impact is a 5-hour, online New Year's Eve celebration featuring live Christian music and entertainment. This will be the largest faith based global gathering, of any kind, ever to be assembled in one night. It will be broadcast globally to church venues in multi-camera, high definition video, and also made available to smartphones, iPads, laptops and more. This event is designed for individuals and groups to celebrate in a safe, high-energy environment through a LIVE interactive online platform featuring high-energy bands, celebrity appearances, and faith-based messages.

Our mission is to provide an exciting New Year's Eve alternative and bring the global Christian community together in a faith-affirming celebration with interactive content that clearly shares the message of salvation to the unsaved. Impact provides the global church with a tool to reach the non-believer in ways never seen before.

Here's what you need to know to sign up as a hosting venue:

  • Impact will be live online from 7 p.m. until the clock strikes midnight (US Central time)
  • Registration includes online access to a portal where you can order discounted merchandise, download marketing and teaching resources, and access system technical support
  • If you have questions about the technical process, we've got some answers online for you (if those don't cover it, drop us a line at info@newyearsimpact.com and we'll be happy to help)
  • And of course, we have our terms and conditions for the online event that you may want to review

What churches are participating?

Many fans are interested in the show, and are asking "So which churches in my area are going to show this?" The answer is - Why not yours? If you want to see Impact in your community, let your youth minister, pastor or other church leaders know. Be sure they understand what they can do with this:

  • 5 hours of great Christian music and entertainment, presented live right in your own facility
  • A great opportunity to reach those who might not be ready to come on a Sunday
  • Take back the celebration of the New Year from the secular market